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Useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010

Keyboard shortcuts are typically an alternate means for invoking one or more commands. Keyboard shortcuts generally expedite common operations.Below are few keyboard shortcuts for Excel 2010

Key combination Action
Worksheet navigation
PgUp / PgDn Move one screen up / down
Alt-PgUp / Alt-PgDn Move one screen to the left / right
Ctrl-PgUp / Ctrl-PgDn Move one worksheet tab to the left / right
Tab Move to the next cell to the right
Shift-Tab Move to the cell to the left
Home Move to the beginning of a row
Ctrl-Home Move to the beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl-End Move to the last cell that has content in it
Ctrl-Left arrow Move to the word to the left while in a cell
Ctrl-Right arrow Move to the word to the right while in a cell
Ctrl-G or F5 Display the Go To dialog box
F6 Switch between the worksheet, the Ribbon, the task pane and Zoom controls
Ctrl-F6 If more than one worksheet is open, switch to the next one


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