To serve as a social learning space that prepares students to succeed in their CIS courses and to thrive in a technology-driven business world.

Core Competencies

As a  campus destination for informal technology education, the CIS Sandbox distinguishes itself through its ability to:

  • provide peer-led tutoring services and online resources for students in CIS and IT courses,
  • offer cutting-edge technology presentations and educational events for students and campus partners
  • foster an entrepreneurial spirit among CIS students interested in “building cool stuff with cool people using cool technology” by supporting requests and ideas for programs, equipment, and activities from CIS student tutors
  • create a sense of community among CIS students, faculty, alumni, and staff interested in furthering their IT knowledge and skills through peer and informal learning activities


The CIS Sandbox at Bentley University will be recognized as an internationally acclaimed center for informal IT education through its exemplary facilities, tutoring services, quality programs,  and online presence.


(Updated, March 2016)


The term “Sandbox” in industry refers to an environment for experimentation and trying new things. We strive to create an inviting, collaborative space for exploring and learning new technologies, and to support student learning for our courses, in ways that resonate with today’s  students. We hope this will further their interest in Information Technology.

We’re located in Smith 234, next to the trading room. The CIS Department also operates the CIS Studio classroom in Smith 212.

We invite you to join us!