Tutor Course Appointment Booking Form


To make an appointment with a CIS Sandbox tutor:

All students enrolled in CS courses are welcome to make appointments with CIS Sandbox tutors for one-on-one meetings to go over concepts or get help with homework. Be sure to read the statement of Student and Tutor Responsibilities so you are prepared for your session.  Each appointment may be for up to 30 minutes. Tutors have a limited number of appointments that they can host, so if a tutor is not available for an appointment, you are welcome to stop by the CIS Sandbox during our drop-in hours in person or online.

  • Click the button below to send an email to the tutors assigned to your course (or use the email address provided by your instructor)
  • Provide details for your appointment in the form on the next page.
  • A tutor should respond to you within 24 hours by email to arrange an appointment or invite you to come in during drop-in hours.
  • Confirm your appointment by email with the tutor directly and you’re good to go!

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