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Tenth Annual Fall Open House

Bentley’s CIS Sandbox opened in the Fall of 2011 with a vision for providing a social learning space where students can gather to learn about technology as it relates to their classes, careers, and personal interests.

We celebrated our 10th annual Fall Open House virtually on Friday, December 4 at 2 pm. The event was a wonderful gathering of CIS Sandbox tutors and alumni tutors, current students, corporate partners, and important stakeholders.

Student Projects scheduled include:

  • AJ and Dhruva, “Falcon From” app for Fall 2020 Prospective Students Day
  • Krishna: Visualizing Chicago Taxi Data
  • Ellis: Android Scheduling App
  • Harrison: Honors Java Project (A Student Organization Scheduler)
  • Steve: A Tour of CS 213 Projects (Web Development)
  • Edward: Analyzing 2020 Election Data
  • Sara: Phi Sigma Sigma’s Most Wanted – Python Data App
  • Max, Fope, Lelise, and Azu: Tutoring during the Pandemic in the CIS Sandbox


Watch more of our favorite videos recorded during the past ten years.