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Dive into the state of the field in FinTech and AI

Join us at 4pm at the LEAF (Lindsay 21) on March 3rd for a hands-on dive into the state of the field in FinTech and AI!  Participants will get the opportunity to hear from industry-leading voices on the use of technology in the financial services sector and engage directly with ChatGPT. 

The contest

Compete with your peers in using AI to help generate currency trading strategies.


Participants will receive training materials to ‘jump-start’ their AI proficiency.  No prior coding experience is necessary.  Some knowledge of investment strategies is preferred.  Sign up to spectate or to join the trading competition in teams of 3-5.  Limited space available!


Refreshments will be served and prizes will be awarded to first and second place teams.  


Speakers and event judges

Monica Garfield, Chair of Bentley University CIS Department

Kartik Raman, Chair of Bentley University Finance Department

Ahmad Aljanaideh, Bentley University CIS Department

James Davison – Head of Growth at FX HedgePool

Leif Taylor – Senior Devops Engineer at Mobile Heartbeat


Hosted by the CIS Sandbox and the Lab for Economics, Accounting and Finance.


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