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Student and Tutor Responsibilities

The CIS Sandbox (located in Smith 234 and at provides peer-led tutoring services for both graduate and undergraduate CIS courses. Students may drop in in-person during daytime hours, meet online on evenings and weekends, or make an appointment with a tutor.

When meeting with a CIS Sandbox tutor, you should:

· Work on your assignment as best you can before you seek help from a tutor

· Prepare by identifying the questions or topics you would like to review or seek help with

· Work on your assignment as best you can beforehand so you can explain where you are stuck

· Lead the conversation by showing your work and where you would like clarification or assurance

· Keep private your solutions when working with a tutor so that other students do not see them

Tutors can:

· Ask you to return later if you are not prepared to meet with them

· Assist you with software installation issues for applications used in your CIS classes

· Clarify any questions related to the assignment description

· Explain examples from class or the textbook or create new examples that illustrate the concepts you are learning

· Help you debug or test your formulas, queries, data models, algorithms, or programs with you, but not write these for you

· Guide you to fix syntax, logic, and runtime errors in programs that you worked on, but could not resolve yourself

· Limit one-on-one time with students to at most 30 minutes per session so that they can be available to help as many students as possible

Tutors cannot:

· Complete your assignments or provide solutions for you

· Guarantee that you will finish your homework correctly after meeting with them

· Operate your computer either in person or remotely

· Take the place of your instructor. If after working with a tutor, you still have questions that you cannot resolve on your own, contact your instructor or meet with them during office hours.

The CIS Sandbox offers a large screen smartboard and comfortable chairs for informal conversation, collaboration spaces, desktop computers running Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, and specialized software. Tablets, smart speakers, and virtual reality devices are often available for your use.

The CIS Sandbox also hosts several workshops featuring Bentley alumni and industry leaders speaking on technology trends and careers. For more information about tutors, hours of operation, and events, please visit .