How to find your missing I-Phone??

I usually misplace my phone and keep wondering how do I locate it?? Specially when I know I have put the ringer on the mute. Well, Of all the apps in the App Store, this is the one that every iPhone owner should definitely download.

If you misplace your phone, Apple’s Find My iPhone app will pinpoint its location on a map. What is even more interesting is that, if your phone is buried in the couch cushions, or you dropped it in the car and the battery has been charged out, the application will instruct your handset to blast a sound for two minutes at full volume — even if it’s set on silent mode. And in the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen, find my iPhone can remotely cause the personal data in your phone’s storage to self-destruct. This is all in the new version 1.3 applications that can be easily downloaded. So here you go, try this new application and you don’t need to get panicked, when you can’t find your precious I-phone.