Get Smarter with the Smart Board!

 An interactive Smart board is set up in the CIS Sandbox (Smith 234) providing you with an exciting tool to step up your presentations, training sessions and meetings to a whole new level of interaction.What is the Smart Board: A simple dry-erase white board with computer, internet and video equipment that uses a ground-breaking technology to create innovative user solutions.

What is so special about the Smart board:

  • Combined with a projector, a SMART Board manages to make one computer available for a whole class of students.
  • You can also collaborate on a project with colleagues using Windows Net Meeting in different locations or give a presentation from a remote location.Presentations to clients can be professional and attractive.
  • Interactive lessons and presentations can be prepared well in advanced and reused and updated as needed.
  • The ability to combine sound, video, interaction and Internet gets and keeps the attention more than traditional media.


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