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Just like iMessage, actually better

I have always been an android user. Let it be a tablet or a smartphone, my choice has always been android. I was very happy with the spread of apps and games that google play offered but I have always envied the iMessages. But no longer. MightyText, an android app made by Google’s ex-employees, fills that gap. MightyText is an application that you could install on to your smartphones, tablets, or even as a chrome extension on your windows or MacOS. MightyText syncs all your text messages on all the devices in which the app has been installed (of course it should be configured with the same google account). Ever since I started using it, this has made my life so much easier. If I am working on my computer and if I receive a text message beep I do not have to bother looking for my phone. I can reply to the text from my chrome browser. This is of great help when your phone is on charge. In case if you had forgotten your phone at home and if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or has a data plan, the MightyText app on your tablet or laptop will receive all your texts. Not just that MightyText app also gives notifications if your phone receives a call. So even if you dont have your phone with you, you could find out who is calling you through the MightyText app and call them back from Gtalk or Skype. If you are an android user, MightyText is a must download.