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Home v. Echo

Today, Google officially announced a few new gadgets that they will be releasing to the market. Included in this set were the Pixel, Pixel XL, Daydream View VR Headset, Chromecast Ultra, Google Wifi, and Google Home.

Google Home
Google announced the Google Home on October 4th

Current personal home assistants may not be the idea that we get from film I, Robot, but the stationary devices are off to a start with a mind like Sonny. The Amazon Echo has its place in the home as a device that is integrated with many apps and even smart home devices. Today, October 4th, Google announced that they are releasing their version of the Echo, Google Home.

Both devices feature music and video playing capabilities. They also both integrate their AIs into the devices. The Echo responds using the personal assistant Alexa, and Google will be soon to release an entirely new smart AI that has learning capabilities. These AIs are essential in saving people time and promote the connection of a hands free environment, even in your own home.

From the list of capabilities Google has provided the public, the Google Home has very little capabilities when compared to the Amazon Echo. In it’s current state, the Google Home could impersonate a home stereo system that you speak to. It lacks the functional advantages that Amazon has poured into the Echo. For example, say you want to order Domino’s. With the Echo, you can just ask, “Alexa, order pizza.” She knows to order the Easy Order that you have set up in the Domino’s app. Whereas, Google Home still lacks the capabilities to play Netflix on your TV (coming soon).

Google has acknowledge its current state of the Home and has price it at $129, $50 below the cost to have Alexa in control of your smart home. I do not doubt that Google will be able to add as many features as Amazon has added to the Echo, but as of now, the Echo has Google beat. Especially if you want to order pizza.