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Mendix Certification

I recently obtained got my Mendix Rapid Developer (Developer) certification. I pursued my certification for CS 460 (Applied Software Project Management). Our class is going to use the Mendix modeler to build a web application for a food delivery service. My team of six will build this application using three, one month long sprints. As my teams Scrum Master, I hope to learn as much as possible.

Getting certified was a seamless process, through which I learned a lot. I not only learned about the Mendix platform, but Agile development, version control and other important concepts. Mendix supports agile development, they give users the option to create user-stories and organize work through iterative time boxed sprints. I am extremely excited to develop smart and useful business applications, with my team this upcoming semester!

If you want to get Mendix Certified, here is the link!


Currently a Junior from Newton, MA. CIS Major, FInance Minor.