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Bentley Board of Trustees Visits the CIS Sandbox

Today we welcomed members of the Bentley Board of Trustees to the CIS Sandbox.  They learned about the services we provide, and interacted with several CIS Sandbox tutors:

  • James Kirchner,  Data Analysis with Python (Course Project)
  • Zach Feldman, An Alexa Skill for Bentley Open House (CIS Sandbox Project)
  • Prakash Bhetwal, Tableau Data Analysis of University Courses with Data Analytics Programs (Course Project)
  • Jake OConnell, Algorithmic Day Trading (Individual Project)
  • Shashwat Johari, OhBot! (CIS Sandbox Project)
  • Jade Graziano, Alexa Stein, Yuhao Mu, and others:   Tutor and Student Engagement in the CIS Sandbox (Reflection)

In addition, we welcomed Dr. Jon Ericson  showed demonstrations from the new VR Lab that he is starting on campus.


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