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A Swipe System for the Students, by the Students

As you enter the CIS Sandbox over the next couple of weeks, you may notice something new…

Nick and I have rebuilt this new system ourselves—to make your experience at the CIS Sandbox better. Now, when you come in, you can tell us exactly what you’re looking for help with so we can find the best tutor to serve you.

Here are some new features you’ll notice as you come in:

  • Easily know who’s on duty by our pictures on the front screen
  • Quickly find out if the tutors on duty can help you by looking at their skill badges
  • Conveniently see where you are in the wait-queue by looking at the Google TV in the room
  • Remember to “Tapout” when you leave by touching the button next to your name on the iPad mounted next to the door

We’ll be actively testing the new system over the next couple of weeks, so we thank you in advance for your participation and your patience with both the CIS Sandbox tutoring staff and the system. Stay tuned for more updates and please talk to Nick or me about any faetures or improvements that we can make!