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The Technology of Self Driving Cars

Tuesday, April 3 at 2 PM – 3:20 PM

Learn about the technology and future of self-driving cars, from navigation and sensors to improvements in charging and environmental impacts. Prof. Ed Fredkin will show us what smart cars can do today, and hint at what’s coming. You’ll hear what he has to say about Elon Musk, and maybe even take a spin in his Tesla after the presentation.

Prof. Ed Fredkin is the former director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. He pioneered the concept of computer navigation for vehicles and holds a patent for a traffic negotiation system for managing traffic flow. Prof. Fredkin has worked with and founded several technology companies, and has held academic positions at universities including MIT, BU, Carnegie Melon, and CalTech. He served as a jet pilot in the US Air Force and worked with computers in a career spanning over six decades.

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