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Crunch Time

Studying for the IT 101 final and realizing you don’t remember what a VLOOKUP Function is?
Do you need help understanding what style to use to make your web page blue?
Are your 3D references in excel coming out 2D?

Then this review session may be for you!
Three sessions will be held on Monday, April 29th in the CIS Sandbox (Smith 234) at:
7:00-8:15 PM Register for Session 1
8:30-9:45 PM Register for Session 2
10:00-11:15 PM Register for Session 3

Note** This is a question driven review session.
Submit any questions you want answered ahead of time here:

The CIS Sandbox does have a limited capacity,
so make sure you and your friends sign up early!
This review session is open to all students currently enrolled in an IT 101 section.

Be sure to follow the CIS Sandbox on Facebook (
and Twitter (@cisSandbox) to receive study tips all week long!

Sample Excel File
IT101FinalExamSampleDataSizzerKutz It is similar to the one you will see on the final exam.