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OhBot Speaks With Python!

Check out this program made in Ohbot’s ‘Scratch’ like software in collaboration with Python to speak and react whenever you swipe in!

The Ohbot software and the Python program are setup to communicate with each other and act/respond when messages are sent. The Python program itself waits until a person swipes in, records the name into a text file and then sends this as a message to the Ohbot software. When the Ohbot receives the message, the software reads in the message, which is the student’s name and says “Hello [student name]”. As pictured below, the Ohbot can do other things such as providing a generic greeting whenever a person approaches it, light up, and move around. These are just some of the things that can be achieved with Ohbot’s Scratch language that provides an easy to use and educational programming environment.

Feel free to send suggestions via the Sandbox’s email or to a fellow tutor on recommendations of what the Ohbot should do.