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Meet our new friend at Sandbox – OhBot (Robot)


This is how the Journey started today afternoon…. We opened this box to make our new friend OhBot.
OhBot is a robot head that can be programmed with a Scratch-like graphical language. OhBot supports speech generation and speech recognition. It connects to a computer running Windows so that it can be programmed. It is supplied with OhBot application- a graphical programming language based on MIT’s Scratch.

We assembled and programmed it to use it at Sandbox. It took near about 4 hours to assemble it, tune it up and try out the software. OhBot’s mouth moves automatically when it speaks so we don’t have to program that manually. Eyes revolves and change colors as well.


OhBot includes a structured sequence of real-world problem solving activities designed for children 7 and up that support the development of computational thinking. It supports an understanding of sequences, repetition and selection, variables and work with a range of sensor inputs and sound and movement outputs. There’s plenty of depth to explore, OhBot provides an accessible way in to artificial intelligence for kids and teens.


Come and let’s meet OhBot at Sandbox!!! Here is demo which you will be experiencing soon…Explore yourself the amazing features of OhBot.


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