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Let’s dive in Super Mario Odyssey!

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Super Mario Odyssey has been officially launched on Oct 27th by Nintendo, and it seems like the new game has won over video game critics and promises to drive Nintendo Switch sales even more.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario and his new side buddy Cappy travel far and wide on immersive adventures that take advantage of the Switch’s Joy Con motion controllers and portable console experience. Super Mario Odyssey has been in hot trend in Japan before its official launch, “It is a fantastic, even fundamental addition to Mario’s legacy”, said by Review Editor Philip Kogon in their review for Ploygon. It’s been highly anticipated by the existing fans and likely will be one of the top five best-selling games of the holiday quarter in the U.S. I have my hands on it the moment it was released, and it just brought me with so much fun and joy. It feels brand new, despite starring a decades-old character. It looks far better than it should on the Switch, a console that’s not as powerful as its rivals, and it represents a fun evolution of the long-running franchise, where in the past you could play as only one of a handful of characters, you can now take over and play dozens.