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Turning everything including your shoes into Mobile Payment systems?

Buying things are already so easy in today’s world by using phone systems such as Apple Pay or even PayPal. Imagine if it was easier? Soon enough, you might be able to buy products and pay for services through all different devices including your shoes.

IBM is partnering up with Visa and using it’s Watson technology to turn everything from cars to household appliances to shoes into point of sale. This basically means that any device that can have some sort of Internet access will and could possibly have secure payment options.

For example, a person can be notified when it’s washing machine’s warranty is expired or if some parts need replacing. The person will simply have to push a button and this will order new parts or schedule servicing. Cool and simple, right? Similarly, a wireless chip could let runners know when their shoes are worn out and it’s time to get new ones! The chip could then recommend different shoe options with price information and potential retailers.

IBM predicts that customers would have access to Visa payment services though the IBM cloud allowing a bunch of personalized and secure payment options. IBM and Visa already said they have security measures in place by using Token Service which replaces sensitive account information with a unique automatically generated digital identifier.