Student Counter – Using Raspberry Pi + Ultrasonic Sensor

The CIS Sandbox is known to be hot spot to many students for various reasons varying from assisting them on their technical courses to being a part of different activities. It made us wonder what if we could have some kind of mechanism which would track the number of people who enter and leave the premises of our Sandbox? So there it was, Tejas and Viraj two of CIS Sandbox graduate tutors kicked off their summer by taking up a project which could do so. The project is called as ‘Student Counter’ and uses simple accessories like Raspberry Pi , breadboard, jumper wires, and an Ultrasonic sound sensor.

Once the ‘Student Counter’ project is live and running we would be able to track the number of people visiting the Sandbox throughout the day. The best part is all the data will be stored on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. We would also be able to analyze the peak hours and the non-peak hours at the Sandbox helping us to better assign our resources. Would you be surprised if we tell you that all of this can be done in less than $100?! Come see us and know more 😉

As seen in the figure the numbers represent following things in the project


  1. Live log when our code is running on Raspberry Pi
  2. Data as can be seen on cloud (remote interface)
  3. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor