Managing Your Social Media Through HootSuite

HootSuite is an all-inclusive tool that helps you manage your online presence. By giving it access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn accounts, you can manage all of your posts, schedule them ahead of time, analyze how much traffic you’re generating, or how effective they are.

What would be the benefit of being able to access your social networks from one place? Suppose you’re a business that wants to launch a campaign for a new product, product feature, etc. Your social media team can focus on your target market by scheduling what content is to be posted ahead of time from a day away to a week or even month. Then, they can even keep a track of who is viewing the posts, where they’re from, and how effective your campaign is.

But if you’re not a business and are an entity like the CIS Sandbox, or someone who just wants to post the same things on all of their social media networks, it can still be beneficial. As you all know, we have many events going on throughout the semester and it’s important to let you all know when they are. We’ve utilized this technology to keep you updated on our latest events and field trips. It also saves the pain of tutors always having to log onto Twitter and Facebook just to send out quick posts/tweets.

Try it out. If you get an internship or job with a marketing firm, you may even be able to impress your boss!