CareerEdge: The New Face of Bentley Career Services

As many of you are aware, the office of undergraduate career services is undergoing several changes this year. Among those changes include the introduction of CareerEdge. This online resource will allow you to access campus career events, job postings, recruiting and employer information, and blog posts by the career services team.

By hovering over the Blog tab, you can filter blog posts by your major to get narrowed results. The Featured Jobs section allows you to view the featured jobs as well as all other jobs that you can apply to. They’ve also included useful filters to narrow your job search by state, type (full time, internship, etc.), industry, and function. The website has many other cool features, so definitely be sure to check it out at

As a convenience, we’ve added an RSS feed to our website that links directly to the CareerEdge blog posts. Located on the left sidebar, you’ll be able to view the most recent posts.


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