Project Glass – The Next Frontier for Mobile Technology?

Google Glass - Wikimedia Commons

Since the 1990s, mobile technology has certainly undergone a rapid evolution. From the first laptops running Unix or MS-DOS command line operating systems, to the PDA, and all the way to the modern smart phone and tablet, technology keeps breaking into new mediums of use. But what comes next?

One possibility is Project Glass, a new prototype technology currently under development by Google that essentially takes a computer and merges it with a basic pair of glasses. Termed an early form of “augmented reality”, Project Glass and any new technologies to follow in its footsteps will undoubtedly provide even more unique uses for information technology today. But what kind of uses?

According to this article by David Pogue of the New York Times, Google Glass will include a compass, a speaker, a microphone, a camera, and a fully functional computer, all embedded into a specialized eyeglass frame.

Could augmented reality glasses like Google’s Project Glass lead to a brand new experience of reality with the potential to glance at the time, your Facebook feed, and your GPS directions without even moving a finger, or is technology not yet advanced enough to make the 2014-planned Google Glass a contender for spiritual successor to the smart phone? Only time will tell.

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