Twitter Expands Promoted Tweets On Mobile

Recently Twitter announced that it would be bringing additional “Promoted Products” to the iOS and Android mobile platform, specifically Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. That means, this would help Brands/Companies to target their campaigns specifically to desktop computers and laptops, iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. The introduction of more advanced targeting on mobile is a win win for advertisers, because they can reach out to specific users based on similar interests etc. where engagement may be more positive.
Earlier, Promoted Tweets were only being served to a small number of users from brands/companies that they follow. Now, Twitter is announcing a broader roll out with more targeting options for advertisers. According to Twitter, these ad products have been positive, and the company will be expanding this test on mobile, allowing companies to target Promoted Tweets to users that share similar interests with their existing followers (not just those who follow brands/companies).
Twitter’s advertising business is definitely growing and adding advanced targeting should help maintain engagement on mobile ads as well.We can see that Social Media Advertising is getting bigger than what we had expected!!
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