The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s version of the latest generation of gaming consoles. The newest firmware update allows users to use applications to watch videos, listen to music, and, of course, play games. The Xbox features stunning graphics and lots of customizability. Lastly, if you want experience programming games, you can do just that, using XNA, Microsoft’s proprietary programming language for Xbox games.

Trying to get all your work done but feel just a little too crammed? Not enough space to see everything you need? Take a test drive on our dual-monitor setup. Just plug the VGA cable (provided) into the port on your laptop, and arrange your windows to your heart’s content!

The Mac in the CIS Sandbox brings a Macintosh operating system to a lab which is based around PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux machines. This gives the students whom have enrolled in the MAC laptop program an additional resource to complete their work. The Mac also offers unique software programs that do not run on the PC’s.

Visual Studio 2010
Interested in Microsoft Development Technologies? This is essential to every developer in the world. This integrated development environment provides basically everything you need in order to develop .NET, Web, Web Service and even XBOX applications.

Oracle Client
Use the Oracle Client to connect to our campus Oracle 10g database to practice your DB skills which is one of the most demanded in the job market today.

Microsoft XNA Technologies
A library for C#, XNA is a platform on which games are developed and deployed for the xBox 360 and the PC platform. ZAP is a student-developed game that depicts a student finding himself in a zombie apocalypse within the Bentley Campus. With respect to android, it’s unclear what APP we will have, but there is a good chance it will be the Sandbox Application that my group is developing. If the application does not get to a usable state by then, it will be Sam’s Android App that he displayed last semester

Linux is a powerful open source operating system. It derives its power from the fact that it has grown organically throughout the years and has been adapted to meet the various needs of the server side community. Since it has grown organically, the toolsets available to Linux operating systems are quite diverse, and can be used in collaboration with each other to solve complex problems, thereby enhancing computer synergies.

Google TV
Google TV is a Smart TV platform that integrates Google’s Android operating system to create an interactive television and internet TV product. The TV can be used for presentations as well as anything a standard computer can do with the added features provided by Android applications.

The xBox Kinect is a motion sensing input device that enables users to interact with their xBox 360 through motion or spoken commands. It comes prepared with a Software Development Kit and an open source driver that allows users to openly access the high quality hardware and camera inside the device to create things like robots, innovative products, and much more.

The SMART Board is a collaboration tool that allows users to use a computer as a virtual chalkboard. The SMART Board is especially useful for CIS classes, which often involve diagramming and brainstorming. Aside from its practical uses, the SMART Board is a fun tool to play around with, giving users increased control over their computing experience.

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