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Spring 2023 Jumpstart Sessions

Follow along with the Jumpstart Presentation here.

Download the Jumpstart Assignment Template.

Complete the slides in this deck for the JumpStart Assignment.  It’s due within 24 hours after you attend your Jumpstart session.  Submit it on the Assignments page on your course’s blackboard site.

Please follow instructions in this video to create your Cengage account if you haven’t done so already. Note that if you do not have a Cengage Unlimited access code yet, you may not see a  “temporary access” link to click on to bypass the paywall. You do have temporary access, and your Cengage account is linked to this course.

To bypass the paywall and access the course, log in to using your email address and password they just created. You will see the screen with the textbook tiles that is shown at the end of Grace’s video, and you can access the course from here.