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Our New Look

You may have noticed that we spruced up the CIS Sandbox website during the past few weeks.  We redesigned the home page,  moved around some content to make it easier to find, and gave the entire site a “clean” look with a new splash video to give visitors a sense of being in the CIS Sandbox, simple navigation icons, and our tutoring schedule on the front page.   There are a few more subtle changes that you may not have noticed.

We migrated our former website from the CIS Department’s server to a new virtual server to host the CIS Sandbox website.  Our old web address,, now redirects to our new home at . You can always reach us at, which is probably the simplest of all.   If you have CIS Sandbox swag with the old web address, it’s now a collector’s item!

tasA lot went into this website migration behind the scenes, even before we began to redesign the website. Curtis Chin, the CIS Department’s systems administrator, worked with our colleagues in Systems and Networks to make it happen.  They had a long list of tasks to accomplish even before we could begin to redesign the website.  These included making a copy of the old server, deactivating our authentication, setting up a new domain, enabling authentication, copying content from the old site to the new site, disabling the old site, managing the redirects so sites linking to our old home page would still be able to find us, updating PHP and WordPress, and more.



Steve Oxner, Caroline Beguerie, and Revanth Krishna took on the task of redesigning the new site, starting during winter break.  Steve is a former CIS Sandbox tutor who graduated in Summer 2021;  Caroline and Rev are currently tutors in the CIS Sandbox.  Caroline is a data analytics major graduating in May, and Revanth is an HCI grad student who brought his user experience and design skills to the project.  Their goal was to design a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, provides current information, and offers visitors the experience of being part of the CIS Sandbox community.

Steve also refreshed our CIS Sandbox logo to give it a more contemporary, flat look.

So have a look around our pages, and let us know on social media what you think!