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Fall 2020 Tutoring Options

We will be offering tutoring and support services in four modalities in the CIS Sandbox:

In Person, Reserve a Spot

The CIS Sandbox (Smith 234) will be open and staffed by one tutor on Monday through Thursday from 11  am to 5 pm , and 11 to 3 or 4 pm on Friday).  With 12 seats available, the space will primarily be used for students to go between hybrid classes, or to participate in their online classes.  One tutor will be available at a dedicated tutoring table, seated 6’ apart. You will need to reserve your seat for an 80-minute block.

Drop-In, Online

CIS Sandbox tutors will be available online from 1 to 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 1 to 4 pm on Friday, and 4 to 9 pm on Sunday for drop-in online tutoring.   See the schedule on the home page.

“Uber Tutoring”, By Appointment Online   (approx. 40 hours per week, by appointment)

For students in 17 sections of upper level CIS courses and graduate courses, we will offer “uber” style tutoring. Rather than using an appointment model where tutors set aside times for students to make appointments with them, we have implemented an “uber” model where students request a tutor on a topic and state when they want the tutor. The request is automatically routed to all tutors capable of tutoring that course; the first tutor who has remaining appointment hours available that week, and who is available, can claim the request and contact the student to set up the appointment on Zoom.   You can sign up for 20, 40 or 60 minute appointments.

Review Sessions Online  (approx. 20 sessions for  54 sections of 8 undergraduate and grad courses), various times

For lower-level undergraduate courses (IT 101, CS 150, CS 180, CS 213, CS 230) , and also for entry level grad courses (CS 602, CS 603, CS 605). I have assigned one tutor to two or three specific sections of these courses to arrange and hold a weekly review session, which will likely be held late night (8 or 9 pm) or on Friday afternoon or weekends when most classes are not scheduled.  

Most courses have multiple review sessions, so students who cannot make the session for their sections are able to go to others.  We will post the schedule of all review sessions on our website by the second week of classes.  

Tenth Year Programs

In addition, as the CIS Sandbox enters its tenth year this fall, I am planning a series of online events with alumni talking about their careers at big-name companies (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) and some not-so-big name companies,  to mark the occasion, along with our usual fall visitors (EY, Deloitte) who often present on internships and career opportunities.  These events will continue to develop the community of tech-interested students that we have created, and keep it going it online.