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Quick overview: She+ geeks out workshop @Microsoft Nerd Center

Microsoft Garage

Recently, Microsoft held a workshop at the Nerd Center in Cambridge celebrating the launch of a new AI Conference Center. All participants had the chance to experience hands-on activities such as: soldering, using Paint3D in Windows 10, building a STEM Robotic hand and creating a 3D selfie.

Soldering: Learn how to use the soldering iron to build a blinky circuit.

Day of the Geek Badge kit

Paint3D: Let the imagination flow and experiment with the tools by creating different designs.

STEM Robotic hand: Using cardboard and straws and wires create a robotic hand.

Microsoft Garage offers internship opportunities for people who are enthusiastic and like an engineering challenge. Garage is a great place to experiment and push forward an innovative idea. Many interesting projects have come out from teams working together in the Garage environment. It is a great career starter opportunity that would definitely stand out in your resume.