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Amazon Robotics visit sponsored by CIS Sandbox

What a great Friday morning we just had! 30 current Graduate and Undergraduate students were able to enjoy a site visit to Amazon Robotics in North Reading, MA.

Amazon robotics site visit 2018

Students got the chance to get a first-hand view of the assembly and testing of the warehouse robots that help Amazon’s automated storage at their fulfillment centers all over the world!

Led by CIS Sandbox Director Mark Frydenberg @checkmark and Chad Wright, Senior Director of IT at Amazon Robotics and Bentley University Alumni, our learning visit included a tour around the facilities and the warehouse. We gained great perspective of how fast the company is growing, a real feel of what it is like to work at Amazon Robotics and how much more productive the Amazon Fulfillment centers have become thanks to this new robotic systems. We were impressed by the bots’ assembly process, the precision involved, automation and speed. It’s fair to say there was innovation all over the place!

The cherry on top of our warehouse tour was looking at the bots being tested. Bots were navigating around the warehouse by following a series of computerized 2D bar-code stickers on a predetermined path on the floor.

Near the end of the morning, we enjoyed a conversation with Chad and his team. We discussed the evolution of automation processes, the 4th industrial revolution and even learn more about careers in IT at Amazon Robotics.

Thank you CIS Sandbox and Chad Wright! for allowing us to enjoy such great experience, we learn and grow because of these continues company visits. Excited about what is to come on this robotic era.

Written by: Carmen Cardenas | MSMBA candidate class of 2018, Bentley University

Learn more about the robots here.


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