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DataCamp: Learn To Use and Apply Data With Ease

If you’re interested in Data Science, Data Analytics or Machine Learning, have a look into DataCamp: an extremely helpful site in that segments categories depending on field, through Python and R. Even if you don’t know either language, DataCamp provides introductory and advanced courses for the languages specifically with regards to data science. You could become the next Hans Rosling.

What if you could do what Hans Rosling did, but now it’s much easier with the help of DataCamp.


DataCamp is available on both desktop and mobile, so you can learn anywhere and anytime. The way the courses are structured is that each are focused on a domain and then further broken down into parts. Each part has a relevant video explained in high quality by a teacher on the screen that explains ideas relevant to what you need to learn. After the brief 5-10 minute videos, 10 minutes on the long end, you are brought to a screen similar to above that has instructions and learning material on the left and a coding platform on the right.

Some courses include Machine Learning [supervised, unsupervised, etc.], managing data, cleaning data, importing data, learning how to use languages such as R, Python, SQL, and Git for data science, and data visualization.