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Blockchain Symposium



Bentley University’s Spring 2018 Blockchain Symposium

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 2-8pm

Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA

Adamian Academic Center, Wilder Pavilion

OVERVIEW: Bentley University’s 2018 Thought Leadership Symposium, sponsored by the Hughey Center for Financial Services (HCFS) and Bentley’s Data Innovation Network, will showcase leading industry practitioners who will share their insights into the innovative and disruptive business applications of Blockchain.

2:00 pm

Amy Whittaker, Managing Director, Hughey Center for Financial Services
Professor Heikki Topi, CIS Dept., Principal Investigator of Bentley’s Data Innovation Network
Senior Lecturer
Len Pepe, Accounting Dept. and Grant Thornton Partner

Welcome, introduction and overview/impact of Blockchain technology

2:20 pm

Michael Thomas, Chief Technologist, John Hancock Investments & Annuities

John Hancock’s Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT), located in Boston’s innovation district is devising new forward-thinking technology solutions for the Company’s various wealth, asset management and insurance business lines. Michael will share his experience with innovation in the marketplace.

3:20 pm  Break

3:30 pm

Andy Bromberg, CEO and Co-founder, CoinList
Senior Lecturer Claude Cicchetti, Finance Department

Coinlist is a new financial services one-stop shop for compliance, anti-money laundering, vetting and investor accreditation.

4:00 pm

Moiz Kohari, Chief Technology Architect, State Street Corporation

State Street is a leading member of the R3 blockchain consortium, leading the research and development of blockchain in the financial industry.  Moiz will discuss peer-to-peer global asset movement and how State Street is meeting demand through cognitive computing and infrastructure design.

4:50 pm Break

5:10 pm  Blockchain Industry Practitioners: Panel Discussion

Moderator: Associate Professor David Yates, CIS Department


Alok Bhargava, COO, Head of Product Development, Cambridge Blockchain

Raghav Chawla, Director of Product Management, Fidelity Labs

Luke Chilone, MSCIS ’96, Software Solutions Development, NPower

Markus Veith, Partner, Grant Thornton
6:30 pm Networking Reception, Wilder Pavilion Lobby

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