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CIS Sandbox Featured in Inside Higher Ed!

In a recent article from Inside Higher Ed, the CIS Sandbox, along with facilities at four other colleges and universities, is profiled as an exemplary learning space that has been adapted to meet the needs of today’s digital learners.

The article highlights the improvements that have been made to the Sandbox over the past ten years. The CIS Sandbox used to resemble “any other computer lab,” with desktop computers lining the walls, and barely any room for collaboration.


cis sandbox old

Now, “the Bentley lab serves as a ‘technology/social learning space,’ according to Frydenberg. Large-screen displays line the walls, and digital devices including tablets, ‘raspberry pi’ devices and a virtual reality headset lie in wait for students to use. Frydenberg initially expected to include computers, but he soon found that students prefer to bring their own.

In addition to studying there, students have created tutorial videos that now appear on the institution’s website and viewed workshops and lectures from technology industry guests who discuss self-driving cars and the dark web, among other pressing issues.”

cis sandbox new 2 cis sandbox new

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