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Momentum Is Making the World a Better Place, One Chrome Tab at a Time

A “new tab” Chrome dashboard makes the world a better place! Yep, you read that right. Momentum is a Chrome Extension that replaces your “New Tab” Screen. It’s a minimalistic design that displays, as you see above, a gorgeous image, every day. It even tells you who the photographer or artist is, along with where it was taken, written on the bottom left corner.

To make the experience even better, it features an inspirational quote at the bottom. The quote coinciding with a beautiful image is so relaxing to see every time you open a new tab during a stressful day. Quotes span from Gandhi to Merlin (from the “Sword in the Stone,”) and never fail to brighten the day or put that crucial bit of motivation into your work.


Want to save sites on your New Tab Page for easy access like some other extensions do? You can store these out of the way in the links section in the top left hand corner of the screen along with a web search box.


Momentum tells you the weather, and even has a to-do list feature. Not to mention the most striking feature on the page, a single question, “What is your focus today?” Typing an answer below sticks the focus there. Trivial as it may initially seem, when you open a new tab to distract yourself or get on that stressful next task, the focus of your day stares back at you and you can feel your resolve harden to take on what you’re about to do. This focus makes Momentum so unique, pushing you to choose the single most important thing to do that day. Focusing on one major task a day is something critical to maintaining great productivity and not getting overwhelmed with things on your schedule. There’s no better feeling than checking off your focus on Momentum by the time the day is through.

It may not be the most customizable new tab for Chrome, which may be a downside to some, but it’s certainly the most beautiful, dynamic and inspirational. I enjoy every productive day I have with Momentum, because it certainly makes a difference. You won’t know until you try it for yourself!

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