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Disruptive Innovations

We have entered a fast-paced high-tech world during the last decade and there has been a noticeable spike in innovation across technology platforms. Emergence of social media apps on mobile devices, virtual reality systems and recent autonomous vehicle technology projects undertaken by Google and Mercedes are a few noteworthy evidences. Intensive research has led to advancements and breakthroughs that have shifted the paradigm of technology industry. Aptly termed ‘Disruptive Innovations’, these research breakthroughs are capable of opening new markets and creating new jobs across silos.

One recent attempt at disruption is Tesla’s concept of solar roof tiles and home batteries. Slim and aesthetic in appearance, these solar tiles efficiently meet all requirements of a standard home. They are highly robust and can withstand a direct impact of kettlebells falling from a height of about 4 feet. Tesla also provides spare batteries called PowerWall2 for handling power outages and untimely changes in weather.

press_solar_roof_tesla  tesla-solar-roof-2

Available in four different variants Textured Glass, Slate Glass, Tuscan Glass and Smooth Glass these tiles are more resilient than traditional clay or terra cotta tiles. Currently these tiles have 98 percent efficiency of regular panels and Tesla is working on improving consumable power efficiency index through ongoing research.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, disruptions are like double-edged swords. If captured in an opportune moment, the impact of a disruption benefits an existing business model in gaining competitive advantages. On the other hand a disruption is quite capable of destroying competitors in a market. For example, LCD displays rendered CRT TV sets obsolete and as a result many CRT TV manufacturers lost substantial market share.

Tesla, being a major player in the automobile segment, has demonstrated significant penetration in green power automobile sector. Solar roof tiles is Tesla’s opportunity for entering solar energy market. Combined with Powerwall2 and Tesla automobiles together they form an innovative ecosystem in the consumer tech segment, according to TechCrunch.