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We’re Hiring in the CIS Sandbox

IMAG1773Do you want to work in the CIS Sandbox? We’re hiring.

For the spring semester, we’re looking for about eight new tutors – four  graduate students, and four undergraduates, to join our team of technologically curious, creative, and patient tutors.  Undergrads generally work 7 hours per week, grads work between 10 and 20 hours per week.  Students with BWP and Federal Work Study are encouraged to apply.

As an undergraduate, you are eligible to work in the CIS Sandbox if you meet these criteria:

  • you have completed IT 101
  • you have completed any other CS course in your major or minor or have AP credit for a CS course
  • you have declared your major or minor in CIS

If you have only taken IT 101 and want to experience working in the CIS Sandbox while you take your  first course in your major, you can speak with Prof. Frydenberg about joining the team as a CIS Sandbox intern.  Interns are unpaid positions; students volunteer for two hours per week, and then are at the top of the list to be considered for open, paid positions the following semester.

As a graduate student, you are eligible to work in the CIS Sandbox if you meet these criteria:

  • a technology undergraduate background, or completed CS 603
  • skills in or willingness to learn HTML and Excel independently to assist undergraduate assignments
  • MSIT or MS/MBA students preferred.

Whether you are a grad or undergrad, you should have a great interpersonal skills, a passion for technology, exploring new ways to use technology, sharing your knowledge, and learning independently.  In addition to tutoring, you will work on special projects that help with the day to day operations of the CIS Sandbox, such as posting to our blog, maintaining our website or social media, creating technology demos and  instructional videos, or organizing student review sessions or special events.

Jobs are now posted on the student employment website.  In your cover letter, be sure to mention that you read this post on the CIS Sandbox website for additional consideration.