CIS Major/Minor Event


The CIS Sandbox in collaboration with CIS Faculty, Academic Advising and Career Services had an event on February 25, 2015 inviting CIS Majors and Minors students and alumni to share their experiences about how their CIS degree helped them get internships and full time offers.

Quick look on our panelist

  • Mac Segura-Cook CIS Major, 2015, Deloitte Consulting, Business Technology Analyst
  • Alina Usmanov, CIS Minor, 2015 Deloitte, AERS Advisory Staff
  • David Choi, CIS Major, 2015, Ernst & Young, Technology Advisor Program
  • Lexi Kacoyannakis, CIS Major, 2015, Arbella Insurance, Developer
  • Kyle Dwyer, CIS Minor, 2014, Boston Scientific, Security Compliance Analyst

The panel had a unanimous opinion on the benefits of having a CIS Major/Minor to get a job, and how the coursework at Bentley prepares you for the industry standards.

Kyle, one of the panelists, shared his experience of how he started at Bentley for Finance and Accounting and how the CIS Minor degree gave him the edge move forward. At Boston Scientific he is working on various domains like Security Policy Compliances and networking concepts – most of which had its foundation in the Bentley’s CIS courses.

Janet Ehl, Director, Recruiting and Employer Relations stressed on the importance of STEM accredited courses and its demand in organizations. Twenty-two out of twenty-four students who got internships cited that Bentley’s coursework was relevant and CIS majors who graduated in May 2014 recorded a median salary of $60,000 !!

So if you are a CIS Major/Minor or on the road to become one and would like to know more about the opportunities, please do visit Janet Ehl or come see us at the CIS Sandbox.