Google Inbox: something different from Gmail


Google Inbox is by the same team that built Gmail, but is designed to be completely different from Gmail. Currently Inbox is only available to a limited number of people, but is expanding its user pool via an invite system. Google designed this application to help people deal with overloaded mailbox. With important information buried inside numerous messages every day, Inbox can relieve users from the fear of missing information such as invitation to meetings, past due bill notices and etc.

There are mainly three features introduced by Google Inbox:

1. Bundles: Inbox can group similar types of mails so that users can quickly deal with one type of mails all at once. Users can also teach Inbox the way they want to group the mails.

2. Highlights: The key information of important mails is highlighted in Inbox. For example, the departure time of an itinerary will be highlighted, and Inbox will also display the real-time flight status from the web.

3. Reminders: Inbox allows users to add their own reminders to keep track of things they need to do.

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