CIS Sandbox Tutors – Charlebois, Hentschel, & Veber – go to Germany

Last November, a team of Bentley and NEU undergraduates competed in a supercomputing contest in Colorado and took first place among some serious supercomputing competition. After winning the competition, the team will be going to Germany this summer to compete in another contest!


From the CIS Sandbox, Connor Charlebois, Nicholas Hentschel and Dmitry Veber represented Bentley. These students are not newcomers to the technology scene.  While working in this lab, Conner and Nick also wrote a web-based card-swipe system to track and organize students entering the lab for help. Having submitted a paper regarding this venture co-authored with Director of the CIS Sandbox, Mark Frydenberg, the two tutors earned a meritorious paper award at the 2013 Information Systems Education Conference.


The Bentley/NEU team is going to try their hand at supercomputing again this month, this time in Leipzig, Germany.  The contest is slightly different this time, with a focus on maximizing the performance per watt.  In an article written to highlight the team’s success, Conner was quoted having said, “There are two mystery applications that won’t be revealed until the time of competition. So our team’s ability to think on its feet and strategize quickly will be even more valuable here.”


We definitely wish the team the best of luck!! Keep checking back in for updates on their German adventures J


To read more about Conner, Nick, and Dmitry’s supercomputing experiences, read the full article at:


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