Ernst & Young – Industry Insights

On April 23rd, representatives from Ernst and Young visited Bentley to speak to students about their experience and to answer questions about corporate life at one of the Big 4 firms. A collection of mostly sophomores in finance concentrations met Burcu Ozden, Ricky Yang, Dan Blum, and Danny Sanchez de la Vega from EY. Of the four, three were Bentley Alumni and knew that one of the most important elements of their time here was exposure to industry. They spoke of EY’s unwavering commitment to its employees and reported that for the past 16 years, EY has consistently been ranked as one of the top 100 places to work.

Students heard from each representative about their individual roles and responsibilities and how their Bentley education had prepared them. Insights such as these are invaluable for those building their futures and looking for any clues about what the corporate world will hold. While we all may know about EY on paper and can visit their website for official statements, getting first-hand accounts from employees gives a purer representation of the reality. For example, the representatives revealed that EY was undergoing a substantial rebrand in order to refocus their resources from their traditional assurance and tax efforts to advisory and consulting services. This represents a paradigm shift that will help Bentley students understand the direction of the market and better prepare themselves a marketable asset for employment.