African Violet, Dynamic Blue, and Overt Green

Margarita and I met with Jen, our interior designer, today to select colors for Smith 212. We looked at these colors:

Sherwin Williams
SW6958 – Dynamic Blue
SW6982 – African Violet
SW6718 – Overt Green

Benjamin Moore
AF-20 – Mascarpone

AF 20 Mascarpone (Benjamin Moore) African Violet
Dynamic Blue Overt Green

Because of the many columns in the room, Jen’s suggestion was to paint the columns white and extend the white area so it is 36″ from each corner and from the center of each of the side-wall columns. The front and back walls will be purple, blue and green alternating on the side walls, with the corner by the window painted blue. Here’s the proposed color plan.

Sm 212 Proposed  Color Plan