A Collaborative Classroom is in the Works

Get ready for another renovation project. Two summers ago, we transformed the former CIS Lab into the CIS Sandbox, creating a computer lab that doesn’t look like one. This summer we’re at it again, turning Smith 212 from a PC classroom into a collaborative classroom space, with tables for small group work, and collaboration stations to support experiential learning and flipped classroom style activities.

Today the computers were removed from the room. The bidding for estimates has taken place, furniture is in the process of being ordered, and work will begin in a few weeks. You can watch the latest image from Smith 212 as a webcam records the progress. Work should be complete by the end of the summer.

Professors Nathan Carter, Les Waguespack and I began working with Phil Knutel and Margarita Alicea Saez of the ATC last February, as we meet regularly to consider various designs and features we want for such a collaborative classroom. Nathan Carter created all of the sample blueprints. Below are several designs we considered before the one we finally settled on, with fixed and movable tables to allow groups of different sizes to work together.