IT 101 Crunch Session Recording

Nervous about your IT 101 Final, but couldn’t make the Crunch Sessions in the Sandbox on Monday?

Crunch Session

Don’t worry! The first Crunch Session was recorded!

Watch it here:

During the session, we used a data-set provided by one of the professors responsible for making up the final. While the data is not the exact same as the one that will be seen on the final, it is said to be “comparable in format”. Here is the data-set: IT101FinalExamSampleDataSizzerKutz

As one of the tutors who gave the session, the students who came seemed to take away plenty from these sessions. While these were question driven sessions and therefore they do not cover everything on the final, most students coming to the Sandbox for help as well as most students who came to the Crunch Sessions are having trouble with the same things. Questions about pivot tables and functions in excel like vlookup, averageif, countif, iferror, and nested ifs keep popping up, while the only common problems in html are with using style to modify tags as well as understanding absolute and relative addressing.

If your final is coming up, and you still have some uncertainty about any of the preceding concepts, take a few minutes to watch the recording or stop by the sandbox for help. There might even be a hint or two as to the format of the final during the recording.