It wouldn’t surprise if someone looked at the title of this blog and wondered what it could be because Microsoft did such a poor job marketing their cloud services (They must be busy marketing Internet explorer I guess). SkyDrive is probably one of the coolest cloud services available out there. You might wonder what could be different about this cloud service. After all, cloud storage is just a hard disk storage in a different computer far, far away. But Microsoft proved us wrong by showing how different a cloud storage can be. For starters, SkyDrive has Metro UI just like the Windows 8. If you have not used SkyDrive yet, you just have to take my word for now, the user interface looks fabulous.
Microsoft’s web apps are a major plus if you are using SkyDrive. You could directly open your files on the browser using Microsoft web app and do almost everything you could do on the Microsoft Office software. On top of all this, SkyDrive gives you an option to connect your computer to the browser. You install the SkyDrive application on your computer and open your SkyDrive account in a browser on a different computer. You will see an option to connect your PC. Once connected, you will be able to see all your files and folders, including your DVD drive (How cool is that?). My favorite part in this is, if you have videos on your computer hard disk and you are accessing them using SkyDrive, all the videos line-up just like a playlist on Youtube. So as long as your computer is connected to internet, you have access to all your files in your computer where ever you are. As though this doesn’t make SkyDrive attractive enough, Microsoft lets you start with 7GB of cloud storage. If you have not used SkyDrive yet, its high time you do or else you are missing out on something really cool.