Google Goggles and Google Glass

Google Goggles is an app available in the Google Play store on all Android devices and recently has been added to the applle app store. Google Goggles allows the user to use their phone to take pictures of anything from text, landmarks, books, artwork, contact info etc. And then allows them to use the information in the picture for many different processes. For example, you may simply choose to take a picture of a landmark and then use Google Goggles to provide you with more information on it. Another example is taking a picture of a business card and then turning that into a contact in your phone.
All of the features are expected to be in the highly anticipated Google Glass project. Project Glass gives the customer glasses which are to be worn during the day. These glasses will perform all of the functions of Google Goggles and much, much more. See the video of Google Glass being used below and expected to be released by 2014. In the meantime try out the Google Goggles app to get a small taste of what you can expect from Glass.

Google Glass Preview Video