Firefox Mobile OS: Will it supplant Android in the future?

Mozilla the makers of Firefox have created a web based mobile OS. The specialty of the Firefox Mobile OS is that it is built on Web standards. This is similar to the chrome OS but this is a web based OS for mobiles. The OS allows the phone’s functions, such as making calls or determining location, to run in any Web-based HTML5 application, not just in applications written specifically for that phone’s onboard operating system. Since it is built on standards it doesn’t give any particular company any advantage.

ZTE, China’s biggest maker of mobile phones, says it’s soon going to be selling phones that run on this novel Web-based operating system. The news is a small setback for the further rise of Google’s Android operating system but a positive sign for Web standards.

Mozilla also plans to launch its own phones with the OS in 2013.The challenge lies in getting developers to build applications for the OS.If this challenge is overcome this new mobile OS could be a great threat for android.

data and image sources:Technology Review,AllthingsD