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Excel Help, Free

I happened to glance at FullDorm over the weekend and saw a post from someone willing to pay $80 for an hour with an Excel tutor who is experienced in macros, vlookup, and pivot tables. I thought … must be someone in IT 101. These topics are found in the last few Excel lessons in IT 101. I wonder if this person came to the Sandbox to meet with the tutors on duty.

I responded to the ad, introducing myself and inviting the person to visit the CIS Sandbox and also to check out our instructional videos that Sandbox assistants made this semester.

She wrote back: “Hi Mark, Thank you so much for help! As a graduate student, I kind of know where SMI234 is, but I never thought I could get help from you people (Totally my bad!!!)

I checked all the videos from the link you sent, and I love every single one of them! I definely learned a lot from it, especially the Vlookup function. I would stop by tomorrow, and again, as graduate student who is looking for job right now, your response helps me a lot!”

So…. we’re here, we’re free, and worth every penny. Even if you’re not a CIS student, give us a try. We’re here to help.