The power of social media

DISCLAIMER – This post is in no way meant to offer opinions about the current issue that it displays. It is to provide awareness and information about the importance of Social Media.

Maybe you are aware of this video, maybe you aren’t! but if you have a few minutes of your time I highly suggest you watching it.

The video speaks for itself, I don’t need to provide an explanation for it! However some social media stats for you. And you know what? These are ALREADY outdated. Not just slightly outdated, way outdated. Mashable reported less than 30 minutes ago (and I am blogging this at 12:00 PM on 3/7) that the video had been viewed 5.4 million times with 9,000 comments on Vimeo and 1.8 million times on Youtube with over 99,000 comments. It has now been viewed 4,285,557 times on YouTube and the comments are flying by hundreds of times a second for a total of 123,517 comments and close to 6.6 million views on Vimeo.

Trying to keep up with the Twitter feed might be impossible or watching Facebook comments. Action Kit, #stopkony, #kony2012, #makehimfamous, Invisible Children, Uganda, and LRA are ALL trending on Twitter.

It just goes to show you that Social Media potentially has the power to change lives and change the world.