New Windows in the Sandbox

You might have thought the redesign of the Sandbox during the Summer of 2011 was the end of the renovation, but it has just received yet another feature: windows. No, I’m not referring to to a new (leaked) version of Windows 9 that is being secretly developed by Microsoft while they’re still in the development phase of Windows 8. I’m referring to physical windows!

Now, while you’re walking up (or down) the stairs in Smith, you can get a glance at what’s happening in the Sandbox. Here’s a picture of what you can see as you’re walking by:

Don’t be afraid to drop by to see how the windows look in person!

Note: The construction of this project may be finished by tomorrow, or may not. If it is not, please drop by Smith 212 if you need help with any of your courses as that is where we will be tutoring until at least Monday.